Crawl into the mole-size boots of Mogura Tataki, a well-seasoned journalist hoping to get the biggest scoop of his life! He has been undercover for years now, trying to get the latest scoop on the other characters in the arcade, such as his good friend Donkey Ape, Fast Frog and Mr and Ms (Mrs?) Cheesewheel. `


- Move between the holes by hovering over them and clicking on them (Mouse 1 Button).

- Move up into a hole by pressing the W key to poke your head out 

- Keep an eye out for scoops! When you see a character doing something front-page worthy they glow pink, make sure you click them in time to get the winning picture. 

But be careful! Make sure you don't get hit by the hammer.

- Press the S key to go back down and hide from the hammer.

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