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Join the clues together to uncover the culprit!

Thanks for checking out Investi-gator!
Here's a bunch of tips and tricks to make your investigations a bit smoother!

I recommend reading the one for needing more time, our set time limit is brutal for first time players '^^

  • I wish I had more time to solve the case
    • Drag the watch to the File Away Folder! This is a bug feature that stops it from it counting so the game won't end after the timer ends, solve the investigation at your leisure!
  • I can't start the game / get past the title screen
    • Right click the "NEW GAME" note and then right click the "SELECT" note to create a link
    • Then press the Investigate button (the Magnifying Glass in the bottom right corner) to start!
  • I can't delete a link once I've made it
    • Right click on the bright red links to delete them (our icon shows left click by mistake!)
      • Once they go dark red they are locked and cannot be deleted or moved to the File Away Folder
  • I can't make a new link
    • Look around to make sure you don't already have a bright red link made. The game is set to only have one 'active' link available at a time
    • Dark red links, 'locked', ones do not count towards this
  • How do I add things to the File Away Folder?
    • Drag anything towards it and it (should!) get put in
    • To open the File Away Folder press it's icon
      • If it doesn't open try to move away any evidence that's under it
  • How do I take things out of the File Away Folder?
    • Drag a piece of evidence outside the edges of it, it (should!) move it back onto the board and start appearing behind the File Away Folder
  • I opened the File Away Folder and it's stuck open
    • Try to move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the File Away Folder icon and keep clicking until it closes
  • I've found the culprit! But the game doesn't move past the board screen
    • Dragging the watch into the File Away Folder can cause this issue, drag the watch out of the File Away Folder and wait around 20-30s for the end game timer to tick down

Made by Goldilocks & Three Bears


Investi-gator (Game Jam Version) 34 MB

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